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bigstock-Cheering-Crowd-25662716Internal communications campaigns are some of the hardest to get off the ground. This is, in part, because they often require an extra effort from employees in order to be effective. Even if you have a dedicated communications team, a successful campaign, be it the launching of a new intranet, digital signage for employees or a new weekly newsletter, requires employees from all departments to take action above and beyond their normal, everyday duties.

You need to hit the ground running with a big launch, but there is also the issue of sustaining the message. The key to creating an impactful campaign is creating a resource that employees need and want to use in their daily work. Ideally, you would do this right off the bat, the resource would be adopted completely, people would start using it in their everyday work, and boom, you’ve got a success on your hands. But it is never that easy. You’ll always have some sluggish adoption, some resistance for one reason or another. If you want to plant the seeds for a successful campaign, there is a huge factor that a lot of folks tend to overlook.

Your campaign needs champions out in the field. These are your seeds, your hype people, your go-getters, people who can get excited about new initiatives and spark the imaginations of others. If you are introducing a new technology or channel, they get a beta version. If you’re launching a new digital signage campaign or newsletter, they are your content managers. They are natural momentum builders, because they spread the word about the project or initiative in a way that doesn’t seem forced. They give a word-of-mouth element to your campaign that truly stirs something up in the employee population.

So, how do you find your champions? At Tribe, we always joke that you should look for the person in the craziest Christmas sweater, and essentially that’s not too far off. Your champions are going to be extroverted, influential, individualistic and open-minded. And they can’t be a part of the traditional communications team. They need to be proof that this new initiative can work for everyone in their daily routines no matter the department. They also need to be able to make the benefits of your initiative apparent to employees around them.

This makes the growth of your initiative organic and that’s what makes things stick. You want your new campaign to have grassroots strength and to be a natural progression in your company’s internal communications. You can have all the support you need from the executive team, managers and budget, but if the employees aren’t convinced, it’s going to fall short. Having an employee champion your initiative is a key part to building that momentum early on, so by launch day, you’ve already created something that employees want to have and use.

Who are your champions? With surveys, discovery and unique engagement strategies, Tribe can help you find out. Give us a call.

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