Tribe’s week with #Slack

Alright, I admit it. We here at Tribe are a bunch of Slackers. But it hasn’t always been like this. We just recently converted, and I’ve got to say it’s doing wonders for our productivity. Now, I can hear you saying, “I’m confused by all this clever wordplay!” So before we go any further, let me explain.

We’ve been using the messaging app Slack as our main communication channel this week. We’ve heard all the hubbub and started talking about it a while back, but more recently, we’ve seen a spike in employee advocacy of the app. Whenever employees are organically drawn to an app, it’s something worth investigating. People at your company may be using it already, and you can capitalize on the trend.

Why we love it: It’s incredibly simple, intuitive, fast and can be used on a variety of devices. We’ve had a few people out of the office and it’s been great in replacing quick or confirmation phone calls and emails. Their hashtag subject system makes it easy to keep all of our client accounts in order. Each project has a thread and only the people working on that project can chime in. Not only did it help to keep our correspondence subjects straight (and easily accessible from the search), but it also helped create a sense of team and conversation, as opposed to stagnate correspondence from one individual.

Our favorite feature: I know we have only been using the app for a week, so the more in-depth features have yet to be discovered. The individualized threads are great, and that seems to be the main thing Slack is touting. But one of the coolest things about Slack is the ability to upload and send files at lightening speed. Recipients of the file can then open a preview in the app or a browser instead of downloading the full file, taking up time and memory. This was particularly useful for quick approvals, small document updates or sending reference files. It’s always a pain downloading a 50-page .PDF when you only need it to clarify one small detail.

How it makes work easier: Simply put, it makes communication of all kinds easier. Before Slack, correspondence for one project could be dispersed between email, text messages and phone calls. Now, it’s all in one place. If you have an email thread in your inbox that is more than three emails long, you would benefit from using Slack. I don’t think email is going to be phased out any time soon, but when it finally goes, it will be because of apps like this.

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