Improving communications with collaboration

Do you need to be face to face to collaborate? In Tribe’s national employee research on functional silos, 92 percent of survey respondents said it was “extremely to somewhat necessary.” In the qualitative portion of the study, we heard comments like, “When you have face-to-face interaction with someone, there’s just this level of trust that you don’t have otherwise.”

Yet we also heard from some respondents that they felt more free sharing creative ideas from the safety of their keyboard. Although the Tribe study didn’t look at introverts vs. extroverts, we suspect introverts are less likely to find face-to-face necessary. 

Simply Communicate published an article on a study titled “Exploring Creativity in The Glorious World of Internal Communications” that raises interesting points related to both collaboration and the introvert/extrovert issue.

90% of respondents said collaboration across the organization would support creative thinking. This is almost obvious and something most people know already – two heads are better than one. It’s very easy to get stuck on an idea but hard to break out of that mold and think of something fresh and unique. Collaboration is one way to achieve those fresh and unique ideas.

Their findings also indicate that different approaches are helpful when communicating with introverts. When communicating with introverts try to respect needs for space or privacy. Try to let them get a thought out/ don’t demand answers from them, they could be mulling over something great. Also, do not try to turn them into extroverts.

When communication with extroverts give praise in front of others. Show them their enthusiasm is appreciated and valued. Give them time and space to explore new solutions, projects or ideas.

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