Increase retention by helping employees advance their careers through training

Training programs can be a key element in employee retention.  The overarching goal of a good training program is not only to improve company performance and build powerful brand ambassadors, but also to help employees advance in their own careers.

When employees see training programs as an avenue for career growth, they’ll become more engaged with the material. And a more engaged employee is someone more likely to stay with the company. It’s a win-win situation for both the company (whose employees are better trained to do their jobs and perform at a higher level) and the employee (who feels his career is progressing in a positive direction).

Of course, it’s also important to ensure that training programs themselves are engaging. It will be hard for an employee to see the benefits of training if the material and/or presentation is boring. The first step is to make the training materials and format more appealing and motivating.

Communicate the “why.” Employees need to know that the time taken away from their regularly scheduled jobs is for a purpose. If they know up front what the training will entail and how it will help them do their jobs better or advance their career, they will be much more likely to see it as an opportunity rather than an obligatory and pointless task.

Allow opportunities for two-way communication. The advent of social media has done wonders for two-way communication in large corporations, giving employees a channel to provide feedback in a fashion that allows acknowledgment of their comments. Gone are the days of the “comment box” that never gets read. Employees expect their voices to be heard and social media tools like chat rooms and forums on the company intranet allow for that to happen. Incorporating these elements is an opportunity to improve training programs, making them more beneficial to all involved.

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