Communicating Culture of New Management

Changes in a company can be difficult. Even more so when the change revolves around a switch up in a management position. Processes change, new people come in, other people move on — it can be a bit of a whirlwind. That’s why when your company begins to feel it’s the right time to make a change in management, that’s also the right time to develop a plan for how to introduce this to your employees.

It should start with a discovery session. It should review the history and current culture of the company and ask the incoming manager what changes (if any) they want for the company moving forward. Available internal communications vehicles and how they’re currently being used should be examined at this point as well.

Based off of the discovery session, a change management strategy should be developed. The strategy should provide specific goals and objectives and summarize the demographic and psychographic needs of each audience. It should also put a timeframe in place that clearly outlines the communication resources that will be needed. New channels and programs can be introduced to help connect the new manager with their employees. This could involve the development of a blog or webcast that employees turn to for information directly from the new manager.

Then comes the time to put the wheels in motion. Once all the homework has been done and the path has been laid out, the execution portion of the plan should go into effect. Timelines should be adhered to, but not so strictly that they ignore new developments or unforeseen outcomes from communications. Although change can make for scary times for employees, it also has the potential to be a real positive force that helps the company reach much higher levels than ever before.

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