Monday Zen: Make a Feng Shui Bagua Box

A bagua box is a way to combine both feng shui and visualization to help create the career and/or life of your dreams. For many years, I’ve seen the power of  both affirmations and visualization in my own life and business. I’ve also felt tremendous value in attending to the feng shui in Tribe’s office, our  home and even the placement of items on my desk.

Recently, I developed a tool to take advantage of both. It’s a crafty sort of project, so who knows? Maybe you can reap the added benefit of bringing out your inner child or artistic spirit at the same time.

First, a few definitions: One principle of feng shui is that any building, room, or space can be divided into the nine baguas. (Google “bagua map” and you’ll find plenty of examples, or try this link.) There is a bagua for career, one for wealth, one for helpful people, and so on. For instance, many people will place a green plant in the wealth corner of a room to help increase prosperity.

A treasure map is like the Pinterest of affirmations and visualization. With affirmations, you write a statement that you want to be true, like “I am now being promoted to vice president.” (For more on using affirmations, see last week’s Monday Zen post.) Visualization is the exercise of seeing in your own mind what you want to create in your life. The more clearly you can see it, the more likely you are to feel you can achieve it.

In the old days, we used to build treasure maps by cutting pictures out of old magazines. Now you can find almost any visual you want online. Either way, what you’re looking for is visuals that evoke the reality you want to create. For a treasure map, you collect a bunch of pictures that resonate for you and then glue them down in a big collage on a piece of poster board.

Here’s how to make  your bagua box:

1.  Find a nice box with a lid. A shoebox is fine, a hinged-lid cigar box is even better. It doesn’t need to be a square box; the baguas stretch to accomodate the shape of the space. (Instead of nine little squares you’ll have nine baguas that are rectangular.)

2. On the inside of the lid, glue or draw a bagua map. If you can find one online that fits the dimensions of your box, great. Otherwise, just draw the nine squares (like a tic-tac-toe board) and label each one with its particular bagua. Most baguas can apply to more than one aspect. For instance, there’s one for Creativity/Children/Projects. For each bagua, pick the one aspect that’s most applicable to your particular situation.

3. Collect photos to symbolize what you want. Or to symbolize the energy you want to bring to that bagua. For example, maybe stacks of gold coins symbolize wealth to you. A  picture of a luxury sports car might be your symbol of wealth — or maybe it just helps you visualize the speed with which you hope to increase your earnings.

4. Note the colors and elements of each bagua. Red, for instance, is associated with the Fame bagua, so you might decide you want a juicy red pomegranate there. The Fame bagua also includes the element of fire, so maybe you’d prefer a photo of a beautiful stone fire pit there.

5. Glue your photos in the appropriate baguas on the inside bottom of your box. That way, you can refer to your chart of baguas on the inside lid while admiring the visuals in the floor of the box. If you like, you can use the outside of the box lid for another bagua map of pictures, or you could cover it in beautiful wrapping paper or your company logo or a large photo that inspires you.

6. Keep your affirmation cards inside. If you use affirmations, you might want to keep a stack of index cards and a pen in your bagua box. I like to look at my bagua box each morning and do a few affirmations while I’m at it. Alternatively, you might want to keep a few symbolic tokens in the box, like a special stone or lucky coin or a particularly promising fortune cookie paper.

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