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Is email the real time waster? Or is it just poor email practices?

Employees spend 28 percent of their time managing email, according to McKinsey. If we consider email just another channel, like the phone and the intranet, then email is one of the ways people get work done. Yet in Tribe’s research and client work, employees consistently complain of email wasting their time.

The problem lies not in email itself, but in inefficient email practices. Those sending emails often make poor use of the To and CC lines, use vague subject lines and write long and rambling missives instead of clear and concise emails. Employees aren’t processing their incoming emails effectively, and find themselves bogged down in their inbox, letting messages collect there until they can figure out what to do with them or how to respond. In workplaces everywhere, employees are missing important emails because they’re overwhelmed with so many that don’t concern them at all.

It’s also easy to let email interrupt your concentration on work that requires real focus. The constant stimulation of incoming messages offers ongoing distraction from the job at hand. The studies on how long it takes to get back on task after an interruption suggest that this isn’t a very productive way to work.

In an attempt to eliminate those distractions, one company banned email completely. Fast Company recently published a story on CEO Cristian Rennella outlawing all internal emails in his South American travel company. Instead, employees sign into a custom project management site that uses absolutely no notifications. The system is what Renella describes as “pull methodology” instead of “push,” since employees decide when they’re ready to read communications and field questions and requests from their co-workers.

The cultures of most companies might not support that “whenever” approach to response time. For those companies, Tribe would recommend training on efficient email practices to quickly and efficiently communicate with colleagues internally.

Does that sound like something your company needs? Tribe would be happy to help.



Best of Mobile from SMiLE 2014

If you made it to the 2014 SMiLE Conference this year in London, then you are already ahead of the Social Enterprise curve. This conference, coordinated by simply-communicate, brings together some of the bright and most forward-thinking minds in Internal Communications to learn, share and find inspiration.   

Part of the conference this years was their communications app roundup beAppy. This allowed conference-goers to see the latest platforms for mobile connectivity and IC. It’s amazing to see the leap mobile has taken over the last year, and with more options now than ever, more companies are going to start jumping on board.

It’s clear that mobile is here to stay. And it’s helping to solve more communication problems than ever. Below are some of the latest mobile apps, and how they could help your company.



@jamespot - Jamespot is an enterprise social network publisher and provider of a collaborative platform in SaAS mode (Software as A Service). In their belief that the various uses of the web have reached the world of business, guiding it towards a new form of governance, Jamespot now supplies local authorities, public administrations, large companies, as well as SMEs and French organizations who wish to encourage social networking in their field.

The particular advantage of the Jamespot solution is its adaptability for each organisation: it is interoperable with workplace applications, taking on the design of the company which it represents, and gives added value to the information through the social graph. The goal of Jamespot is to offer organizations a high-performance communication and management tool with measurable added value for all, by simplifying management and collaborative work.


@YUDU - Distance is no longer a barrier to providing clear, regular, up-to-date communication both online and offline. Distribute internal publications through a secure branded app, which can be downloaded and accessed on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

YUDU technology works alongside existing Intranets to make sure employees have access to the latest documentation. Currently being used by companies such as KPMG and Whirlpool, whose closed-access apps can only be accessed by their employees. A comprehensive analytics package enables communications teams to study employee engagement and communicate more effectively.


@Collaborne - Collaborne combines personalisation, peer-to-peer communication, mobility, and big data search into a private, intuitive, and easy-to-use digital corporate communication platform.

Built to act on an organisation’s communication rules and objectives, Collaborne matches content and information with people in an entirely personalised way, letting companies to boost employee engagement, collaborate effectively, and ensure everyone has access to the information they need to accomplish their work. With minimal setup and intuitive user-interface, organisations can rollout Collaborne in no time. The solution is accessible from any computer or mobile device, wherever, whenever.


@Wearebeem - The Beem app provides an enterprise mobile content service, which takes the legwork and duty out of engaging with company content and tasks. Beem empowers companies to digitise their existing internal communications channels and material, along with external social media feeds and content, in one engaging mobile platform. The app excels in the area of multi-platform aggregation, white-label abilities (customisation) and mobile-first approach.

It integrates with systems such as SharePoint, Yammer, Chatter, as well as custom-built intranets and ESNs. Companies also have visibility over the performance of their current content channels via adetailed analytics suite. Beem is currently available on iOS and Android devices. A HTML5 version, which will service all other devices, will be available later this year.


@Speakap - Organizations with part-time personnel, multiple locations, flexible shifts and high turnover, experience difficulties in informing and connecting with their personnel at the work floor.

Speakap connects people throughout the entire organization and facilitates top-down and bottom-up information flows in an user-friendly and familiar way. Hereby, employees are informed better, faster and more satisfied about communication with colleagues and management. To make Speakap a must-have application, they integrate their platform with multiple business software through our advanced open API.


@_seenit - Seenit is a platform that allows brands and organisations to create engaging videos with their audiences. Individuals can collect and curate clips, using an online studio linked to a smartphone app and turn the content quickly into professional videos.

Seenit’s network of experienced filmmakers can assist organisations throughout the production and sharing of the content. Whether it is capturing the lead up to an event or the event itself from all angles, include employees, fans and experts in the creation of your video, the possibilities are endless.


@VENNCOMM - BLAP, VENNCOMM’s mobile group conferencing App, is the easiest and cheapest way to make instant, mobile, free business-grade international group calls. Imagine a scenario whereby an internal chat conversion is automatically turned in to a group phone call at the touch of a button.

Having already built an integration with Salesforce (and with plans to integrate with Chatter) VENNCOMM are exploring the enterprise social network (ESN) space to determine if voice has a part to play in supporting collaboration, content creation, communication and culture.

The App Garden

@TheAppGarden - The App Garden transforms the way organisations conduct business through multiple mobile channels by developing custom-built mobile app software solutions across the enterprise for selected industries. Their growing team of mobile website and app developers, graphic designers and mobile business experts build intuitive mobile solutions in-house at our offices based in Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey.

Their broad range of experience in the technology industry enables them to develop innovative bespoke mobile solutions, tailored to the needs of a business. Based upon our technology advances in the mobile space and knowledge within select industries, we have developed a range of multi- channel mobile solutions, including two internal communication solutions; StaffTrain and StaffConnect.

Sideways 6

Sideways 6  - Sideways 6 is a new online Ideation and Idea management tool that helps companies harness the knowledge, creativity and experience of their employees to solve business challenges.

Driven by the principle of bringing beautiful, intuitive and integrated ideation networks to organisations of all shapes and sizes, Sideways 6 can either act as a standalone product or extend the idea management capabilities of existing enterprise social tools.



@TheAppBuilder - TheAppBuilder is helping some of the world’s leading organizations to reimagine their businesses with mobile apps that delight employees, partners and clients alike. It’s now possible to create a new and exciting communications channel in 4-6 weeks, with little or no IT involvement required. Mobile apps are easy, fast, functional, and fun. Key content can be updated by anyone in seconds, and feedback received and analysed right away.

Global brands such as Michelin, O2, Heathrow, and Sodexo are using TheAppBuilder platform to communicate very effectively with distributed, non desk-based staff. Engagement scores have gone up by more than 100% in some cases, producing a fantastic